How My Vanity Got Me to Start Drinking More Water and the 3 Tricks That Have Helped Me Stick With It

I have never much liked water. It always tastes bland and uninspiring to me, so staying well hydrated has often been a challenge. There are so many reasons why drinking enough water is important from decreased cravings and mindless snacking to better health to better skin. But none of these was really enough of a motivator for me… until recently. This is embarrassing to admit but the thing that really motivated me to start drinking more was a sign of aging that suddenly sprung up on my face. Yup, my vanity got the better of me when I realized that when I drank enough water in the day the lines on my face disappeared (or at least dissipated), but when I slacked off on the water those little lines started showing up again.

So I have started working on drinking more and there are a couple of things that have helped a lot. I thought that I would share them with you now that the spring is here and summer will arrive soon enough:


  1. Flavoring the water with some fruit, vegetables, herbs or a combination. Strawberries and basil, oranges and rosemary, and pineapple cores are my current favorites. Lemons, limes, and cucumbers are also great.
  2. Sparking water instead of regular. What can I say? The bubbles make it more interesting!
  3. Bringing water with me wherever I go, or at least making sure I have a big glass before I leave the house. I can’t stand having to buy bottled water when I am out and about, in part because I am cheap and in part because all those plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, so I always hold out on buying something to drink, which used to leave me thirsty a lot of the time. So I’m working on consistently bringing my own. This is one I am still working on, but it does make a big difference.

Bonus tip that I love but haven’t started using yet myself: set the timer on your phone to remind you to drink.

What do you do to stay hydrated? Are there benefits to drinking water that you have noticed yourself?

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