Happy Health Coach Week!

This week, January 12-18, 2015, is the first ever Health Coach Week! In my professional world this is a big deal because it really shows the growing influence that health coaches are having.  For me, though, I have used this week to think a bit about why I do the work I do and what I see my purpose as being. 

Health Coach Week

For me, being a health coach is all about being a partner in the work that my clients are doing to promote their health and well-being, and that of their families, through food. Sometimes this is serving as a support and information source as they explore alternative approaches to health issues, and sometimes it is guiding them through starting to cook and eat more nutritious food at home. I love the way that cooking and homemade food can serve so many roles—from improving physical ailments to giving energy to bringing a family closer.

I believe strongly that good food should be simple. It should not take hours to prepare, nor should it cause stress and anxiety. I like to take the mystery out of cooking. I like to help my clients to learn to enjoy their kitchen, or to come to terms with the fact that they may not enjoy cooking very much but do see the benefits to the home cooked meals that can come out of it. I love to help people to meal plan, experiment with recipes, try new foods, build skills, feed their children, and change their own relationship with food.

So as I take time this week to feel gratitude for the amazing thing that is my job, I want to open up the lines of communication with all of you.  I want to offer free “office hours” of a sort. Send me your questions and I will respond! What do you wish you knew about cooking or food or health? What would make food easier, more enjoyable, and better for you? Is there a type of recipe you wish you had?

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