Making the Cold Fun: Snowy Ice Treat

We just got back from a glorious trip to Colorado where we hiked, rode horses, played outside for hours, and spent lots and lots of wonderful time with family. We also had amazing weather. It went from 60 degrees and sunny.


To wonderfully snowy and cold, the perfect conditions for awesome sledding.


In the midst of the snow we decided to have a special treat that I thought I would share as the whole country braces for even more cold weather. This is a way to make the cold more fun: Snowy Ice Treat.

If you are going to make these with snow, you want to make sure that it is fresh snow.  All you do is go outside, scoop up some snow into a bowl or container, bring it inside and pour a small amount of juice on top, maybe an ounce. The boys could not have loved this more—it felt so special, almost magical.

As we prepare for these crazy cold days, one fun modification of this (without the fresh snow) would be to fill up some juice popsicle molds, put them outside, and see how long it takes for them to freeze!

If we have got to live through these intensely cold days the least we can do is try to make them fun and exciting, right?!

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