Easy and Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated

It got hot today in DC and with the heat came the messages about remembering to stay hydrated. Hearing those reminders always makes me feel nervous about my water consumption.

I don’t know about you, but for me, drinking enough water can be quite a challenge. We’ve all heard that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. And many of us know that staying hydrated is important for our joints, our digestion, our organs, our skin, etc. We’ve also heard about the signs of dehydration (pee that is darker than a pale yellow, not going to the bathroom every hour or so, feeling thirsty, headaches, etc.). But for me, drinking that much water can feel like a chore. Honestly, I get sick of just plain, old water. So here are some of my favorite ways to get more water into my body without resenting it.

Infused Waters. Cucumber water isn’t just for the spa! Infused waters are so easy and tasty. Just wash and chop up some fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs, throw them into a big bottle of water and let it sit. The flavor will build over time, but you can already taste a difference after just half an hour. So next time you fill up that big water bottle, throw some slices of fruit in. Some of my favorite combinations are: strawberry and basil, orange and rosemary, cucumber and mint, and pineapple and basil.

flavored water

Iced Herbal Tea. Caffeine dehydrates, so using an herbal tea can add to the hydration factor. To make it even more delicious, throw in some mint or basil, or do half herbal tea and half lemonade.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables! Many fruits and vegetables are made up almost entirely of water. So making sure your diet is full of them can help to keep you hydrated. Some super powerful (and delicious) options are: watermelon (92%), strawberries (92%), celery (95%), and cucumbers (96%).

watermelon and blueberries

How are you going to keep hydrated this summer? I’d love to hear your favorite tricks!


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