5 Ways to Get Back Into the Swing of Things

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I find hardest about January is not practicing the new habit I am trying to build with a New Year’s resolution (or theme), it is the getting back to real life. Over the holidays I am definitely guilty of letting my good habits slip. I don’t work out as much, I don’t eat as many fruits and vegetables, I don’t get as much sleep, I definitely don’t drink enough water. So now that we are shifting back to reality, it is time to get back to the good routines. It can be kind of a bummer to let go of the fun and decadence, so here are some tricks that I have found help me to get back into the swing of things.

  1. Let go of the guilt. Don’t beat yourself up for what has already happened. What is done, is done and it is okay.
  2. Baby steps. If jumping right back into everything feels overwhelming, take small steps to get you there over the course of a week or two. This year, for example, because we were out in Colorado visiting family, I did a lot of walking and playing with the boys, but I didn’t get my normal running/yoga/elliptical time. I have found that if I just jump right back to where I was I struggle and then am frustrated. So instead I am taking it slower.  Sometimes I work out the same amount of time, but I don’t go as fast. Or I work out as fast, but take 5 minutes off the workout time. Or I do the poses, but don’t try to take it to the next level right away. This allows me to be good to my body and myself.
  3. Stick with the familiars and favorites. If you are working to get back into your old diet, make that greens dish that you absolutely love. Or cook a big batch of your favorite whole grain to use in fun ways all week. For me, that has meant making a big batch of black beans for veggie-loaded burritos and a double-batch of sweet-potato black bean burgers. Yum!
  4. Or try something completely different. If going back to the other routine feels depressing, try a new healthy recipe that you have been thinking about trying for a while or try a new spin on an old favorite.
  5. Cheat. If the withdrawl from holiday treats is making you crazy, let yourself cheat with something small but maybe a little bit better for you. Like some dark chocolate or a homemade oatmeal cookie (you can freeze the leftovers so they aren’t sitting on your counter calling to you).


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