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Cooking Projects for When You’re Homebound

As you have very likely heard, the East Coast is bracing for a weekend full of rain (if not a hurricane), which means many of us will be stuck indoors quite a bit in the coming days. I’m not going to lie, weather events like this and snow days (which hopefully we won’t get too many of this year) can be stressful and loooong when you are stuck at home. But instead of looking at these as an annoyance, it can be helpful to shift our perspective and look at them as an opportunity to get some cooking projects done!

So I thought I would share with you my steps to making an impending day at home a culinary hit. Plus I’ll share some recipes that might be fun to try.

rainy day
  1. Plan (a little). If you are going to be making a run to the grocery store for staples, why not quickly think about any ingredients you might need for cooking projects you want to do. So try to do some quick thinking about what you want to make. Freezer meals? Special goodies? A new recipe you have been meaning to try? And then come up with a list of the things you might need to pick up while you are out getting toilet paper, milk, and batteries.
  2. Recruit a Cooking Buddy (if you want). I have fond memories a massive cooking day with a friend when I was in my twenties. I don’t even remember what we made, but I remember the music and fun company! So why not make this cooking activity a quality time activity with someone. Maybe that means asking your kids if they want to help or maybe that is seeing if a nearby friend wants to get together for some cooking fun.
  3. Make it fun! Instead of having this cooking project be the normal crazed, hyper-speed time in the kitchen that many of us grow accustomed to after months (or years) of rushing to get dinner on the table, use this as an opportunity to enjoy your kitchen and cooking. Play good music, have a glass of wine or mug of tea, take your time.
spelt scones

Sound like fun? Great! Here are some of my favorite recipes for just such an occasion.

  • Freezer Burritos: who doesn’t love the idea of having burritos in the freezer for quick lunches and dinners?
  • Freezer Homemade Pizzas: YUM and saves money you would have spent on take out!
  • Empanadas: Another great one to have in your freezer for lunches and dinners!
  • Baked Pasta: Make a double batch! One for dinner and an extra to go into the freezer for another time (don’t do the baking step, just put it on assembled and ready to go).
  • Scones: Then you can have a tea party with scones (and then save the rest for breakfasts later in the week). Added bonus: these are fun to make with kids!
  • Homemade Chai: A special treat and it would go really well with those scones!

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