I don’t know about you, but I am really, really glad Halloween is finally here! Not because I love trick or treating (which I do). Not because I am excited to see lots of costumes (which is truly my favorite part). Not because I am excited about the candy (which I am and am not at the same time -super confusing). But because I am SO SICK of the preparations for it!

It isn’t really fair to Halloween that I am sick of it, my real problem is that I did it all wrong. I took on way, way too much, given the other pieces of my life that are busy right now (all of them), and also put the preparations off. 

Usually I pride myself on being efficient and on top of things. In college I was that seriously obnoxious girl who finished every paper 5 days early and never pulled an all-nighter. This wasn’t because I was overly ambitious, it was due to the fact that when I am not on top of things, I freak out. And that is what happened to me this week. I was a walking basket case. My “to do” lists were out of control, I went to bed way too late, I was crabby, and I was scattered.

But the silver lining is that it did serve as a healthy reminder for me. It reminded me that I can do a lot and I do need to be organized, but that I am also human and that it is also important to recognize my limits, say no, and, ask for help. Just because I am making supernatural creature and Jedi costumes doesn’t mean I need to be a superhero.

Did I need to hand-decorate the cookies for the Kindergarten Halloween party? No (especially since decorating is not my forte).  Did I need to undo and redo my sewing when it wasn’t how I wanted it? No (especially because no one would have noticed).

Halloween Cookies

But now it is done. Now I will take a moment. Breathe. Have a handful of the Halloween-inspired snack mix I made this week. And enjoy the rest of the day and festivities. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Snack Mix

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