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My Favorite Cheap, but Healthy Ingredients

As the final installment of my series on saving money in the kitchen I want to talk about some ingredients that I depend on to keep my own family’s grocery bills down and that I also recommend to my clients a lot. These ingredients are staples in my house for two reasons: 1) they are cheap and 2) you can do a lot with them without much effort. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

1)   Beans. Beans are a wonderful protein source that packs a big, low-fat punch. Whether you make your own from dried or use the canned version, beans can be easily incorporated into lots of different meals. I also love them because beans are used in many cultures, so there are lots of different flavor profiles you can get from the same beans using different spices. So whether you are in the mood for Mexican, Indian, Brazilian, French, or American, there is always a bean option out there. Some of my favorites are: quesadillas, bean burgers, chili, soups, salads, and beans & rice bowls.

2)   Legumes. Like beans, legumes, such as lentils and chickpeas, are a great low-fat protein source and they are also used in a variety of cultures. Toss chick peas into a pasta sauce, salad, tacos, or stews. Lentils can be cooked up quickly as an Indian Dal, a soup or stew, or thrown into a salad.

3)   Eggs. The incredible edible egg. Even if you go cage free and organic, eggs can be a great, cheap protein source. Whether it is a quick breakfast-for-dinner of veggie scrambled eggs and toast, an omelet (or waffle omelet), a quiche, or egg salad, eggs are an easy option that many can enjoy.

4)   CSA Produce. Community Supported Agriculture (a farm share) is a great way to get lots of fresh, high-quality vegetables for much cheaper than they would be at the grocery store.

5)   Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. These wonderful root vegetables can be a great, filling base for a number of dinners. Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with the fixings, a gratin, roasted, mashed. These crowd pleasers can be paired with many proteins.

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