4 Tricks to Lower Your Grocery Bill

How much do you normally spend when you go to the grocery store? $100? $200? $300? More? And how many times a week to you go to the grocery store? I regularly have clients who, when they start working with me, are spending more than $300 week on groceries AND eating out numerous times. That adds up to a lot of cash.

Why do we spend so much at the grocery store? For some it is impulse purchases—that box of cookies to keep your kid quiet, that $5 chocolate bar that looks too good to pass up, the chips because you are starving and can’t resist, the bunch of kale because you’ll cook it this time for sure, or the pre-made food because after making it through the grocery store you deserve the treat of not having to make dinner. For others it is duplicate buying because you can’t remember if you actually have parmesan cheese or not. And for others it is the types of products being bought.

No matter what the reason, here are some ways to help you to cut that grocery bill down, and still have good, delicious, appealing food in your fridge!

1)   Make a list. If you go with a plan you are less likely to make some of those impulse purchases.

2)   Check your pantry before you go. As I have talked about before, if you cook from what you already have in your pantry, you don’t need to buy as much and you won’t buy duplicates of what you already have.

3)   Shop the loss leaders. Loss leaders are the foods that are on big sale to try and get you into the store in the hopes that you will then buy more stuff. Check to see what those sale items are and, if they are things you enjoy on a regular basis, either plan your week’s meals to include those items or buy some for a later date.

4)   Know which stores have the best prices for which foods. These days it is quite likely that you go to at least two grocery stores to get all the different foods you like to have in your house. If this is true, make a list of your staples. Bring that list (maybe on your phone) with you to each of the grocery stores you go to for a couple of weeks and take note of how much those items cost at each store. You might be surprised by which stores will save you the most money.

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