I’d love to work together but I am not in the DC area. Is there any way that we can work together?

Yes! I have worked with clients from all across the country by offering phone and video conferencing sessions. So definitely sign up for a free consultation no matter where you are!

I am already overwhelmed by everything that is on my plate. How will I possibly have time to take this on too?

My goal is to help to make your life easier. At the end of each session we will come up with 1, 2, or at most 3 things for you to try out before our next session. These will be simple, easy steps to take that will powerfully change the way you approach food and/or feeding yourself and your family.

My kids are the problem! Do you work with kids? 

I work with families as a unit. Sometimes that involves working with the kids directly (and I love doing this!). Usually this will be an activity-based session such as a cooking lesson, so that I can talk to the kids while we do something fun together.

My partner is the problem! Do you work with partners?

I definitely offer couples sessions and have done this with great success.